How to Fundraise for FDM:


  1. Posting on Social media

  2. Email Blasts

  3. Phone Calls

  4. Canning

  5. Asking Family Members

  6. Asking your Place of Employment

  7. Babysitting

  8. Dog walking

  9. Bake Sale

  10. Sell a Craft or Personalized item

  11. Spare Change Jar

  12. Emails

  13. Run or Bike a Marathon

  14. Post an embarrassing picture on Facebook for each donation made

  15.  Have a garage or yard sale

  16. Take old clothes to Plato’s closet or sale on Facebook

  17. Host a dinner: Dine-to-donate

  18. Car Wash or Dog Wash

  19. Text everyone you know

  20.  Can in your Classes

  21. Door-to-Door Canning

  22. Place a bucket at your place of employment or parents

  23. Do Chores (Laundry, Dishes, etc.)

  24. Hand Written Letters with return envelopes to neighbors and family

  25. Contact teachers old and new

  26. Have your parents and best friends post on their social media platforms

  27. Tutor younger kids

  28. Share your story!

  29. Have your parents buy you a Survival Kit

  30.  Tweet at Celebrities

  31. Lemonade Sale

  32. Rake Leaves

  33. Shovel Driveways

  34. Sell Riley Pops

  35.  Pet Sit

  36. Birthday Gift or Donation in your name

  37. Run Errands for your Family or Friends

  38. Give Rides to or from School

  39. Gift Wrapping Services

  40.  Flower Sale

  41. Sell your old prom dresses

  42. Used book sale

  43. Karaoke Night

  44. Wars (Cupcake Wars, Jar Wars, Cookie Wars)

  45.  Tape your teacher to the wall

  46. Face painting

  47. Self-Personalized Cook Books.

  48. Chili Cook-off

  49. Pictures with Santa

  50.  Game Night